Mar 3
Doing a kitchen remodeling work is easier and less complicated than you think. You don’t necessarily have to break the bank just to create new atmosphere or fresher look into the kitchen. There are some simple and low cost kitchen remodeling ideas that you can implement for your personal work, and they are proven to work just well. Remember, these methods are quite simple, but you will be surprised to find out that they are very effective to improve the kitchen atmosphere.

Here are some simple tips and tricks that you can try:

• Consider colorful rug. If you have all white kitchen or you have wooden floor that looks plain and rather bland, you can add colorful rug. It doesn’t have to be very big or cover up the whole floor; you only need to choose the right size with unique patterns. You can choose the geometric patterns or simple colorful stripes that will add flair into the room. Trust me; it may look simple, but it will transform the appearance of the kitchen in an instant.

• Try new shades. The same old shades can be tiring and boring, so consider adding new look into your shades. Try the ones with different colors, or tweak your old ones with new paint or ribbons. Trying a totally new shade will be okay if you have the budget, but if you are rather low on cash, creating a makeover for the old shades will help.

• Show off your cookware. This is a unique idea, and some conservative people aren’t really comfortable with this. But if you are daring and creative enough, you can show off your porcelain or stainless steel cookware by making use of the bare and empty kitchen wall. You will be surprised to find out that pot rack can look perfect and simply created by using simple S hooks and rod.

Aside for those tips, there are still more things that you can do for the kitchen:

• Focus on accents with color coordinated arrangement. You don’t necessarily choose the same objects with exactly the same colors; use the hues to create attractive point. For instance, you can have all white displaying cabinets on the corner, with inclusion of ivory and cream for the small accessories.

• Consider open shelves. If you have small kitchen, having open shelves will create spacious and bigger effect. It is good for the aesthetic element as well as providing better access.

• Dress you window. You will be surprised to find out that extra attention to the windows can change the whole look of your kitchen. You can add extra trim and décor, or you can make your own rod pocket to create new look for the kitchen.
• Make your own wall display. If you have unused silver tray in various forms or you have a group of dishes in similar hues, you can make your own personal wall display.

• Use free arts and frame them. In case you see attractive pictures from magazines or books that you like so much (they don’t have to be kitchen-related), you can frame them and hang them in your kitchen wall. It is economical and highly attractive.

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Mar 2
Making lunch for toddlers can be challenging. On one side, they need all the important nutrients and vitamins to help them grow, but on the other side, sometimes healthy means not tasty and sometimes even yucky. Well, you may be surprised to find out that there are actually loads of very simple and yet healthy lunch recipes for toddlers. Your toddlers can get the important nutrition from the meals and they won’t be put off by the taste. In fact, most of these recipes are all tasty and yummy, and your kids are guaranteed to love them all!

Banana, Honey, and Almond Butter
Use whole wheat bread that is healthier without compromising taste. Take 2 slices of breads, spread them with peanut butter or almond butter. Top off one slice with honey and then cover it up with slices of bananas. Put together those 2 slices and your kids will definitely love it! Keep in mind, though, that this recipe is better for kids above 1 year old as honey isn’t advised for kids under 1 years of age.

Avocado and Pear Combo
Take half of ripe avocado in a bowl and mash it up until it smooth and soft. Add lemon juice, season it with pepper and salt, if you want to. Take 2 slices of sourdough breads and spread the avocado mash. Top off the spread with Asian pear or Bosc pear. Press both slices gently and it is ready to serve. For another healthy alternative, you can replace the pear with pomegranate seed. They are just as tasty.

Peanut Butter, Cheddar, and Apple
This is another alternative to regular PBJ (Peanut Butter and Jelly) variation. Who says peanut butter is always unhealthy and filled with fats? If you are able to combine the peanut with fiber-rich fruits, you can produce tasty and healthy simple lunch. Take 2 slices of whole wheat breads, spread one slice with peanut butter. Top it off with slices of cheddar cheese, and then add thin slices of apples. Press the two slices gently and your kids can have a go right away.

Goat Cheese and Strawberry
Most parents – moms in this case – are worried that goat cheese won’t be perfect when matched with any accompaniments. Well, you will be surprised to find out that strawberry can actually taste good with the goat cheese; not to mention that goat cheese is healthy and packed with all the important nutrients for the toddlers. Use English muffins for this recipe. You can toast it first, or not – depending on your preference. Spread goat cheese on the split muffin, top it off with strawberry jam, and add thin strawberry slices. Press the muffin gently and your kids will have a blast! For another healthy alternative, you can use plain cream cheese for goat cheese substitution.

Turkey Pinwheels
Prepare whole wheat tortilla, and spread generous amount of hummus on top of it. Add turkey slices with spinach leaves – you can have only several leaves or generous amount of them; it depends on your toddlers. Both of my kids don’t have problems with green veggies, so I apply lots of them. However, if your kids aren’t into veggies so much, several will do. As long as there are leafy veggies included, it is healthy. Roll the tortilla and cut them up. You can serve the tortilla just like that, or add fruit salad and cheese cubes to provide better and healthier serving.

Egg Salad Sandwich
Make two hard boiled eggs, and then crush them. Mix them up with mayonnaise, mustard, salt, and also pepper. If you don’t really like mayo, you can switch it with plain yoghurt. Spread the salad on multigrain or whole wheat bread. To make complete and fulfilling lunch, add pretzel sticks and orange into the menu. Your kids will definitely their lunch and they can enjoy fulfilling lunch without being overstuffed.

Veggie Pasta
Cook the pasta first (you can always use the packaged, ready-to-serve one) and then mix it up with cooked peas, cherry tomatoes, melted butter, and salt and pepper. It is tasty and yet still retains the pasta taste – which kids love. You can serve with applesauce and carrots; that should be exciting!

Pita Butter and Jelly
If your kids love PBJ so much, you can try this healthy alternative. Instead of going for the regular bread, substitute it with pita bread. If you want to try other ingredients aside the peanut butter, choose cream cheese or butter. Spread it up on whole pita, top it off with cinnamon apple butter, if they love apple pie. Try jelly, if they don’t really like cinnamon apple butter. The lunch will be complete when you serve this PBJ pita with yoghurt, hard boiled egg, sliced grape tomatoes or grapes.

Turkey Sandwich
Take two slices of whole wheat breads and spread cranberry sauce on those slices. Top it off with layers of turkey breasts and cheese. You can serve it applesauce packet and baby carrots – complete with ranch dressing for the dip. If you want to make things more interesting, use cookie cutter so the sandwich will come in attractive shapes that will appeal your kids.

Mini Pizzas
You can use regular bread with homemade tomato sauce, cheddar cheese, diced turkey meats, and green leafy stuffs. You can put it into the microwave first before serving it up. If you want to make your own pizza dough, make sure to do it the night before so you won’t rush in the morning. For variations, you can use English muffins that are divided into two. Top off the pizza dough with marinara sauce (if your kids are bored with the regular tomato sauce), add spinach, and then add chopped steamed broccoli. You can use whatever meat you like, from chicken to even fish fillet. Sprinkle with shredded cheese, and bake it for around 5 minutes. To add up the healthier nutrients, add a half cup of blueberries and small container of choco pudding – after all, toddlers still need a lot of energies to get them going.

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Feb 17
When it comes to your special day, such as wedding or graduation, you certainly want to make sure that you have something special. Well, you can still have something special and yet still showing off your humorous and funny side with funny wedding cake toppers.

Most people think that cake toppers don’t have any significant meaning or importance, but it is a totally wrong thought. In fact, cake toppers can really make your wedding cake look special and different, and you definitely don’t have to worry about making your wedding cake look ordinary, boring, and plain. Why should you choose the regular flowery cake topper or ordinary name initials when you can come up with funny cake toppers that will open up everyone’s eyes and create chuckles from your guests.

Reasons to Choose Funny Toppers

There are several reasons why couples want to choose funny cake toppers:

• They want to show off their humorous side. Instead of being serious and too formal, most couples want to show their funny side that they can be fun and entertaining too. Granted that wedding is an important occasion in one’s life, and that is why most people go serious in this event – in fact, they are going too serious with it. But if you refuse to go down the same path and you want to show the world that you can still be fun in your own special day, this is the perfect cake topper for you.

• Funny cake toppers make the cake look different and unique. Imagine how boring it is when you have to attend one’s wedding and you see the same, regular cake topper on top of the boring white cake. But imagine how different everything will be when you see funny cake toppers that will change the overall atmosphere and air in the wedding.

• Funny cake topper will make your wedding unforgettable and memorable. People tend to remember something unique and different, and they tend to forget something very ordinary and simple. After all, when you see the photos from your wedding, it will definitely bring smile to everyone’s face.

As you can see, there are loads of fun reasons why you should go with funny cake toppers. After all, it will be boring if you constantly choose the similar and regular cake toppers, following others’ footsteps.

There are also other reasons why you should go with funny cake toppers:

• On the contrary to what people believe, funny cake toppers are actually easy to find. Not only they are available in any cake shops in town, they are also affordable. Funny and unique wedding cake toppers won’t cost you a fortune; in fact, most shops sell such cake toppers around $40 or $50.

• Funny cake toppers are made from various materials, so you basically have flexible options. You can choose the edible ones if you are planning on eating them with the cakes. But you can also choose one from acrylic or other materials in case you want to use them as memento and keep them. Some people like to keep the toppers in a special box, beautifully wrapped and displayed in a special spot for everyone to see. It is a sweet reminder of the special day and how fun the day passed by.

• The toppers are designed into different styles and types. There are comical figurines, abstract figurines, and real people-look-alike, but with a twist. The themes are various too; you can have funny events while doing your hobbies together, or depicting the special day.

• You can have custom cake toppers without even spending a fortune. Of course you are free to choose the already existing design, but if you have an idea of your own, you can talk about it with the wedding cake decorator.

Several Unique and Funny Examples

Here are just some unique examples of funny wedding cake toppers:

Sitting bride and groom. Instead of going with the regular standing cake topper, why not choosing a sitting topper, depicting the bride and groom sitting side by side in a relaxed manner. Whether the topper is holding hands, almost kissing, or simply laughing and talking, this is a certainly unique choice when compared to the regular standing topper.

Busy bride and groom. You can have the bride and groom busy with their phones or even laptops, depicting their professional career and how busy they are. The topper is paired up together, and yet each one is busy with their own business.

Bride and groom on getaway honeymoon vehicles. Instead of the bride and groom standing up, you can have them sitting within a honeymoon car, chariot, or even bicycle. In some unique design, there are even bride and groom going away with their rollerblades or skateboards on. It is certainly unique and catchy, and you can’t expect others to have the same idea as yours.

Expecting bride. You can also choose an expecting bride with a bump on her tummy and the groom stands next to her, caressing the bump. This is an ideal option when you are expecting and you want to share it with the world without saying too many words.

Star bride and groom for a day. If you have been dreaming of becoming a star, you can choose a bride and a groom with an elegant pose standing on a glamorous star carpet. You will definitely be a star of the day, so why not making use of it in the cleverest way?

There are still more options of funny and good looking wedding cake toppers that you can choose. You can choose the subtle humorous and funny toppers to the hilarious and expected designs. Keep in mind that funny doesn’t have to be offensive or gross. Choose the smart humor in it and you should be able to make people remember you for a long time. You should talk about it with your partner; decide which topper or design that you want to have.

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Feb 16
Most people think that it is always difficult to start their own online business. Do you know that you can actually start the business without having to struggling too much or own a load of money as a starter? Setting up a business isn’t easy, but there are some simpler ways that you can try. Here are some logical ways of how to start an online business.

Starting from Hobby or Passion
Do you know that your hobby can actually make money, if you do it right? There are loads of people who manage to get loads of money from the internet. They start from making blogs about their hobbies or whatever things they like to do. Some cooking blogs can be a huge hit when the owners manage to post interesting and easy-to-make recipes. Some tips and tricks blogs can be quite popular because most of the information is quite useful and handy. Even some mommy blogs get promising traffic because they touches the life of moms in general; providing tips for moms-to-be and other helpful information about motherhood and how to prepare yourself in becoming a mom.

You can always start from your hobby. What do you like to do? Do you like writing and sharing info? Are you into fashion? Are you into cooking? Are you into sewing or other handcrafts? Those can be a perfect idea to set up your blogs. Of course, you need to keep in mind that you can’t expect profits or money when starting a blog. Profits come on its own. Focus on delivering attractive and engaging experience. Don’t focus on others; focus on what you like to do and share for others. If money has occupied your mind from the very beginning, it is likely that you won’t succeed. But if you focus on what you do and don’t really care about making profits or thinking about traffic (well, at least at the beginning), you will be surprised to find out that you actually generate quite lucrative traffic.

Selling Stuffs

Don’t worry if you don’t have much for a starter. The easiest one is to become a dropshipper, where you help marketing and promoting a supplier’s products and get commission for it. Instead of being a reseller, which requires you to have money to buy the stuffs from the supplier and later on selling them with higher price, being a dropshipper is more advantageous from financial point of view.

You can also sell your own products, especially made by order. Cakes, cookies, clothes, or handcrafts can be made with this system. Don’t think about having your own website just yet. If money is your problem, you can always join in buying and selling forums, advertise your products, and wait for order. You can also make use of any social media you use, like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and so many more. Many people are able to sell out service and items through social media, as long as you do it right. When you have made enough money, you can think about setting your own website.

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